Cat Boarding

Maximum 2 cats per enclosure

Our cattery has a wood heater for those colder days and nights and is air conditioned in the summer. All cats have access to a common play area during the day.

1 Cat
Enclosure & Food - $ 21
Enclosure only –owner provides food - $ 17

2 Cats
Enclosure & Food - $ 30
Enclosure only-owner provides food - $ 22

Day Stay (AM to PM same day)
Per enclosure - $ 17

All PM pick-ups incur an extra 1/2 day boarding fee.

Long term boarding: Animals staying longer than 6 weeks will receive a 10% discount

Out of Hours Medications: While we do not charge for medications, any out of hours meds will incur a $5 fee per dose.

Pick-up & Delivery: If you would like your pets picked up or delivered, please ask our staff for a quote.


Cat Boarding Information

Cats must be at least 4 months of age to come to the kennels

We require a F3 vaccination. This protects against Feline Enteritis, Feline Calici Virus & Feline Rhinotracheitis. We require your pets’ vaccination certificate on arrival and every 12 months when it is updated. Please remember to bring along your up to date vaccination card from your vet, as this is a necessity. If you cannot find it, most vets will be happy to print you off a copy sheet of your pet’s vaccinations for you or we can phone your vet to get this information

Wooden cat ‘cubes’ are provided in each of the cages. These are boxes with a lift up lid and a round opening at the front in which you can put a familiar bunny rug etc from home. They are good for cats to hide in when they first arrive to help them feel a bit more secure, then once they settle in and become more relaxed in their new surroundings, the cubes are strong enough to allow your cat to sit and sleep on top. If you wish to bring your pets own beds in you are welcome to do this as well.

We feed the cats a selection of quality canned foods and Whiskas or Optimum dry foods. You are welcome to bring any other foods as needed. We have a fridge in the cattery, so pet’s milk, fresh meats etc can be kept in there. Special diets will need to be bought in for kidney, weight etc problems e.g. science diets…

If you are bringing a young kitten in to the cattery it is strongly advised that you supply your own food to prevent any upset stomachs caused by dietary changes

These can be given as needed. Please make sure they are labelled and the correct dosages are written down

Cats need to be wormed or up to date with their worming on admission. This can be done by yourself or for a small charge we can weigh them and do it for you.

Fleas & Ear mites
It is advisable to treat your cat before coming to the kennels. Revolution is a good option as this not only treats fleas but ear mites and worms as well. 

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As demand for our services in the region are increasing rapidly, it is best to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

If your booking has not been confirmed by phone or email it is not a valid booking.