Dog Boarding

Maximum 3 small dogs or 1 large & 1 other size dog per pen.

Our dog kennels are spacious and protected from the elements. All dogs have access to an exercises area at least twice a day. Heating is available in all of our kennels during the colder months and we have misting sprays to keep your dogs cool in summer.

Dog Boarding Information

Dogs must be at least 4 months of age to come to the kennels

As a boarding facility we require your dog to have a C5 Vaccine which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordetella and Canine Parainfluenza (Canine Cough). Your pets’ vaccination certificate must be bought in to us on arrival and every 12 months when it is updated.
If you cannot find it, most vets will be happy to print you off a copy sheet of your pet’s vaccinations for you or we can phone your vet to get this information.
Some dogs may have only been given a C3 / DHP vaccination. If this is the case, then they will need to be given the extra vaccination against kennel cough before coming to the kennels.
If time is permitting, this requires a course of 2 injections, given 1 month apart . After the 2nd vaccination has been given, then the dog is able to be admitted. In cases of emergency, a nasal spray vaccination is also available to give coverage within 72hrs. If unsure of your pets current vaccination status, please contact your vet to discuss your situation.

Kennel Cough
Please be aware that despite being covered for kennel cough some dogs may come home with, or develop kennel cough after they come home.
Because of the highly infectious nature of the disease, kennel cough infections usually occur as an outbreak - it is important to realize that when kennel cough is ‘around ’ most boarding establishments and most leash free parks will be affected.
It is important to realize that kennel cough vaccinations are a little like human flu vaccinations: we vaccinate dogs against two specific organisms – Bortetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza; the vaccine contains these two organisms because they are extremely contagious, and because dogs affected by them can become seriously ill. However there are lots of other micro organisms, both bacteria and viruses, which can also cause respiratory tract infections; the vaccine provides absolutely no protection against these bugs, and it’s these that can cause kennel cough to develop, despite your dog being vaccinated. If your dog comes back from our kennels with kennel cough, it doesn’t mean that we have been careless: these bugs are so contagious that it’s virtually impossible to contain them in a kennel situation during an outbreak, no matter how rigorous our cleaning & disinfection procedures are. Systematic control of the cough is all that is required in most cases of infection, and only rarely will it be necessary to use antibiotics for the control of secondary bacterial infections.

This includes tablets, eye treatments, injections for diabetic dogs, ear treatments etc. These can be given as needed with no extra charge. Please make sure all current medications are labeled and the correct times and dosages are written down.

Worming, Fleas etc
Dogs need to be wormed or up to date with their worming on admission. This can be done by yourself or for a small charge we can weigh them on platform scales and do it for you.
It is advised to treat your dog for fleas before coming to the kennels. E.g. frontline etc

We have hammock beds for all dogs. These are made of a waterproof material, so bring along a blanket etc to go on top for added warmth and comfort. You are also welcome to bring along any other familiar beds to help your pet settle into their new surroundings. Some dogs decide to chew their beds while here, & pens with access to outside runs may also bring a bit of dirt into their bedding, so don’t buy any new beds etc for their stay. Please do not bring in any bean bag beds as if your dog decides he wants to chew, they can be very hard to clean up!

Food can be provided for your pets if needed. We use a good quality dry dog food and wet when requested. You are welcome to supply your pet’s own food. Tins, dry food, chicken necks (packaged in meal sizes), cooked dinners, raw bones, treats etc. Special diets will need to be bought in for kidney, weight etc problems-e.g. We also have a freezer for prepared meals and a microwave.

If you are bringing a puppy into the kennels then we strongly suggest that you bring your own food as changing a pups diet can cause problems.

Dogs are housed in individual kennels. Dogs are exercised twice a day ‘off lead’ inside a chain mesh perimeter security fence. Dogs are exercised separately during these times, to eliminate any risk of dogs fighting etc.

Multiple Dogs
If you wish to have 2 or more dogs in one pen please be certain that these dogs are used to being in close confines with each other before leaving at the kennels. Due to the change in surroundings some dogs do not behave, as they would normally do at home.
If you have any doubts it is better to put them in separate pens than to risk any fighting and injuries, or one dog being more dominant over food. During peak seasons we are commonly booked out. If there are 2 dogs in 1 pen and we have problems during this time, we may not be able to separate, so it is important to assess their compatibility before booking them in.
Please note -
Small - maximum 3 dogs per kennel
Medium, Large & Extra large dogs - maximum of 2 dogs per kennel

Indoor Kennels

Includes Air Conditioning, Heating, & individual runs.

1 Dog
Enclosure & Food - $ 32
Enclosure only - owner provides food - $ 28

2 Dogs
Enclosure & Food - $ 42
Enclosure only – owner provides food - $ 34

3 Small Dogs
Enclosure & Food - $ 54
Enclosure only – owner provides food - $ 42

Day Stay (AM to PM same day)
Per enclosure - $ 25

Standard Kennels

Large fully sheltered kennel with access to courtyard twice daily.

1 Dog
Enclosure & Food - $ 26
Enclosure only - owner provides food - $ 22

2 Dogs
Enclosure & Food - $ 36
Enclosure only – owner provides food - $ 28

3 Dogs (Small Dogs Only)
Enclosure & Food - $ 48
Enclosure only – owner provides food - $ 36

Heating per night (Optional) - $4

All PM pick-ups incur an extra 1/2 day boarding fee.


Long term boarding: Animals staying longer than 6 weeks will receive a 10% discount

Out of Hours Medications: While we do not charge for medications, any out of hours meds will incur a $5 fee per dose.

Pick-up & Delivery: If you would like your pets picked up or delivered, please ask our staff for a quote.


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As demand for our services in the region are increasing rapidly, it is best to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

If your booking has not been confirmed by phone or email it is not a valid booking.