Dog Grooming

We groom small to medium sized dogs only and can groom your dog for you while it is here.

Booking Essential
Please let us know if you want your dog groomed when you make your boarding booking. If you ask for it to be done when you deliver your pet we may not have any grooming vacancies available.


* Price is dependent on size and condition of your pet, which may affect the time it will take to complete. Please be aware that dogs presented with severe knotting or very dirty may incur a surcharge on our normal prices.

Small from $ 50*
Medium from $55

We are opposed to animal cruelty, therefore we do not de-matt in cases where the knots in the coat are so bad that it would cause pain and suffering, possible risk of injury or undue stress to your pet. Other options may include a full body clip to remove bad matting.

If your dog suffers from a skin allergy, we advise you to provide us with a Veterinary prescribed shampoo

Aggressive Dogs
Dogs that require muzzling or extra staff to help manage them will be charged at a higher than standard grooming rate.
This is because dogs showing aggression or acute nervousness take much longer to groom.
We reserve the right to refuse a dog that presents a risk of injury to itself or to staff.

Longer Cuts
We can clip dogs hair to longer styles if requested, for anyone who does not like the shorter cuts close to the body.These cuts are dependant on the condition of the dogs coat. If it is matted, the longer cuts may not be an option.

We also do tidy-ups when needed. These include a clip to anal, underneath pads, belly and armpit area. A Trim around eyes, hydrobath and blow-dry. The body hair will not be cut.

If your dogs is found to have fleas when being groomed, it will be given a flea rinse to remove all fleas on them.There will be an extra charge for this. You will be advised of this and given ideas for future flea control.


We also can give your dog a warm hydrobath and blow-dry

Next Steps...

As demand for our services in the region are increasing rapidly, it is best to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

If your booking has not been confirmed by phone or email it is not a valid booking.